International Coatings HDB Digital System - Synthesis Receiver Base Kit



SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

The HDB Digital System™ is a 3 part/step easy to print system to be used in conjunction with direct-to-garment digital inks. An HDB primer coat is printed first (for both cotton and low bleed fabrics). HDB Synthesis Receiver Base™ (Part A and B) is then printed, followed by the HDB Optimum Clear™.

Synthesis Receiver Base™ is a two-component (Parts A & B) system that must be mixed together before printing can begin. (See important information under "Benefits & Specifications"). The HDB Digital System™ is designed for dark and light colored garments. Dark garments require application of the primer; light garments do not require the primer coat.

Kit includes both Synthesis Receiver Base Part A and Part B.


Synthesis Receiver Base™ Part A and B must be mechanically mixed for 5 minutes, making sure that the mixture temperature stays below 95ºF (35ºC) during the mixing process. After mixing, the combined parts must sit for a minimum of 15 minutes before use.

Once mixed, the ink should be covered in the container when not in use. Mixed ink has a working life of 5 days, if stored properly in a closed container. Storage areas should be kept at no higher than 80ºF (27ºC). Mixing ratio of Part A to Part B is as follows: 89 grams of Part A to 11 grams of Part B. Mix only the amount needed for the print run. Remember to mechanically mix the two parts together and let the mixed ink sit for at least 15 minutes before use.

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