International Coatings HDB Digital System - Optimum Clear

Nazdar has recently been informed by International Coatings Company of serious shortages as a result of the supply chain disruptions the industry is facing. International Coatings has been working diligently on their ability to meet demand and has a dedicated team of procurement, supply chain and logistics professionals focused on these challenges.

Due to the current situation Nazdar may limit the orders of International Coatings Ink products starting October 1st, 2021. Additionally, the International Coatings product offering will be temporarily limited at times based on availability and demand.

If you have received International Coatings product in 2021 you may place your order through the “Reorder / Product History” tab from My Account.

The HDB Digital System™ is a 3 part/step easy to print system to be used in conjunction with direct-to-garment digital inks. An HDB primer coat is printed first (for both cotton and low bleed fabrics). HDB Synthesis Receiver Base™ (Part A and B) is then printed, followed by the HDB Optimum Clear™.

Synthesis Receiver Base™ is a two-component (Parts A & B) system that must be mixed together before printing can begin. (See important information under "Benefits & Specifications"). The HDB Digital System™ is designed for dark and light colored garments. Dark garments require application of the primer; light garments do not require the primer coat.

Use in conjunction with Synthesis Receiver Base Part A and Part B, and either White Cotton Primer or White LB Primer.

  • Dark and Light Garments: HDB Digital System™ was formulated to enable digital ink to be printed unto dark garments. It can also be used on light colored garments by simply leveling out the primer coat.
  • Cost Savings: Screen printing a white HDB underbase yields substantial savings. HDB typically costs a quarter of what digital white inks cost.
  • Variable Substrates: International Coatings, offer HDB Digital Systems™ for cotton and low-bleed fabrics. The HDB low-bleed system enables polyester, synthetic and performance fabrics to be digitally printed easily and cost-effectively.
  • Time Savings: Hybrid printing can be up to four times faster than traditional DTP printing. With the HDB Digital System™, digital ink is printed wet-on-wet on the HDB underbase, eliminating the need to flash.

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