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Premium Cast Digital Film with FLITE Technology®

SLX®+ is a 2-mil (50 micron) premium gloss white cast film with FLITE Technology®. Designed for full and partial vehicle wraps and fleet applications, SLX+ features an optimal initial tack to ensure high repositionability with quick anchoring and build a strong bond while removing clean at the end of the wrap life. The optimized performance of SLX+ improves all-weather application performance and cutting & weeding, while maintaining a high conformability in complex areas such as rivets, curves, and deep channels. SLX+ has a tinted, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides excellent opacity and a low profile air egress liner that aids in easy installation and provides a smooth finish. SLX+ is rated for outdoor durability up to 10 years (unprinted). Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used.

Arlon packed the performance benefits of FLITE Technology and more into this product. Superior repositionability, conforming effortlessly around rivets, complex curves, and deep channels, plus quick & efficient installations can all be experienced with SLX+. Now with a more moderate tack adhesive than SLX Cast Wrap, SLX+ has the widest application temperature range ensuring the easiest installation in both hot and cold temperatures.


  • Optimized product construction designed for vehicle applications, including stainless steel
  • FLITE Technology® allows superior repositionability & snap-up, with strong anchoring to ease large panel installation
  • Excellent conformability for installing complex curves, deep channels, and rivets
  • Designed for cutting and weeding letters 2” (5 cm) or greater
  • Vibrant and reliable print quality on Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV and Latex print systems
  • Compatible with Series 3210, Series 3270, Series 3220, Series 3310 and Series 3200 Overlaminates

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