MagnaColours MagnaPrint Self-Leveling Range




MagnaPrint® Self Leveling Range - is a high solids waterbased ink designed specifically for printing on a manual press. It has been developed to reduce issues with pin-holing when printing multiple layers of high solids ink and also provides optimum ink coverage

MagnaPrint® Self Leveling White – is a ready to print opaque white paste. This can be used as underbase or highlight white or pigmented to achieve pastel shades.

MagnaPrint® Self Leveling Neutral - is a ready-made clear base for strong, bright shades.


  • FABRIC TYPES: Cotton / Poly Cotton Blends
  • MESH: 34-120T (86-305)
  • SQUEEGEE: Medium 65 Shore Rectangle
  • STENCIL: Water Resistant Emulsion
  • CURE TEMP: 1 minute at 165°C (330°F) or 1½ minutes at 140°C (285°F)
  • PIGMENT LOADING: Up to 12% MagnaPrint® Eco Pigments
  • ADDITIVES: Retardant Gel Conc 5%, Softener TS Conc 5%
  • STORAGE: In cool place properly closed: >5°C (40°F) <25°C (77°F)
  • COMPLIANCE: Oeko-Tex Eco Passport Class I
    - ZDHC Confidence Level 3


Printing is best undertaken using 34 – 120T (86 - 305) mesh screens with rectangular profile squeegees on preheated pallets (70°C / 160°F). Use lower mesh count for underbase or large, fully open areas. Use higher mesh count for top colours or thin lines, fine details and halftones. If printing large areas flash units may be required after each colour.

Always use 3 - 4mm off contact and print top colours in one stroke to achieve a surface print. After printing the garment should be dried and ideally cured for 1 minute at 165°C (330°F) or 1½ minute at 140°C (285°F)

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