ChromaChecker Capture Software



ChromaChecker Capture Software

CATZper to Capture is a color scratchpad that provides operators (Conventional or Digital) with a quick and easy interface to match colors, using multiple reference choices i.e., print, given Lab values, a Brand color from library or project, or even CMYK primaries.

Given the unique interaction of ChromaChecker CCP components, Capture can be used as a stand alone, make-ready tool only. Or, when the time is right, as a tool to track data associated with colors over time and per job, production line, and customer.

Capabilities that have been added to Capture:
• C5A10 Spectro LFP qb Spectral Unit
• Match any Brand, spot, and process color faster and more effectively than ever before.
• Support multiple color spaces (Capture Grid), eliminating Photoshop conversion.
• Predictive operator guidance on adjusting the printer for faster and most desirable alignment.
• Present all delta E variations (Capture Variator) for closest match and tolerance definition.
• Measure physical reference to produce a color match that meets customers' expectations.
• Measure print and quickly compare to Lab value ensuring color is within tolerance.
• Quantify color dissimilarities to adjust process and bring colors within targeted quality range.
• Efficiently build references to use for future reprints of jobs and legacy work.
• Assess within page, between pages, and between job uniformity.

CC Capture works with Windows 10 or current Mac OS.

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