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Free Download: Determining ROI & Profit Opportunities in Wide-Format Printing


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Wondering if you're making the right purchase? Knowing the ROI on a piece of equipment can help you make your final decision.

Your return on investment (and ongoing profitability) is based on more than initial cost. When looking at wide-format inkjet printing, consider the types of jobs you will produce, how many square feet per hour you'll need to print, the quality of the output, how many colors are available and what types of inks are used. All will factor into the decision about which printer or printers to purchase.

Meet EFI's Fastest Entry Level Hybrid Printer
EFI Pro 16h
The EFI Pro 16h LED UV hybrid inkjet printer has been strategically designed with a complete stimulus package of features to assure the lowest total cost of ownership, superior image quality, and access to the widest range of substrates/applications.
  • Variable Drop Grayscale
  • Embedded Fiery proServer
  • CMYK + White
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Environmental Benefits