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Epson F3070 DTG Printer

Introducing the NEW Epson SureColor F3070 DTG Printer
Automatic Garment Thickness Optimization ensures your printhead height is always right.
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Bring a new level of productivity and efficiency to your printing business with the all-new SureColor F3070 industrial direct-to-garment printer. The first of its kind to meet the demanding needs of high-production print shops, the F3070 was built from the ground up to deliver professional-quality, one-pass prints at industrial-level speeds. Featuring automatic garment thickness adjustment, easy user maintenance features and a new dual 2.6" PrecisionCore® printhead, this innovative direct-to-garment printer maximizes productivity and reduces downtime for fast, cost-effective print production.

Highlights of Automatic Garment Thickness Optimization
  • Adjusts printhead height and optimizes print quality without user intervention
  • Garment thickness measured by 6 sensors during the loading process every 1/100th of a second to create a garment height profile
  • Printer determines the garment minimum, average, and maximum heights
  • Printhead carriage physically moves up/down to the optimal height as desired by the media settings (minimum, average, or max thickness)
  • The process is automatic and performed seamlessly in parallel with other pre-print tasks

Features of Epson F3070:
  • Dual PrecisionCore printheads — with 16,000 nozzles delivering industrial-print-quality output at impressive production speeds
  • Replaceable bulk ink packs — for less frequent ink refilling and lower costs
  • Epson UltraChrome® DG Inks — produce durable, vibrant prints with the same cost for color and white inks
  • Low maintenance downtime — with dedicated cleaning solution channels and fabric head wiper system
  • Easy-to-use, all-new quick-load platen — reduces traditional hoop platen load times
  • Epson pretreatment solutions — for natural fiber and polyester fabric printing
  • Updated Garment Creator software — for macOS® and Windows® with cost estimator, text tools, hot folders and an automation SDK
  • Scale production capability with additional printers — featuring an easily repositionable compact design that operates on standard 120 V power
  • Optimize workflow efficiency with the integrated print stand — featuring casters for easy repositioning and standard mounting points to add accessories