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ImageStar Double Sided Blockout Banners

ImageStar Blockout Banners are a great way to get your message across with a quality look. Available in Standard or Pro styles, ImageStar Blockout Banners offer smooth double-sided printing with a blockout layer for 100% opacity. Whether you are printing for indoor or short-term outdoor applications, ImageStar blockout banners are the popular choice. Get your free sample today of Standard or Pro style, and see for yourself
Highlights of ImageStar Blockout Pro:
• Block-out Layer for 100% opacity
• Identical smooth print surfaces
• Designed for close up viewing
• Low Curl
• Flame resistant with Fire Certificate
• Ideal for indoor applications
• Matte finish, both sides
Highlights of ImageStar Blockout Standard:
• Block-out Layer for 100% opacity
• Similar smooth print surfaces
• Indoor and short-term outdoor
• Matte finish, both sides


Double Sided Blockout Banner Pro:
Imagestar 13 oz Double Sided Blockout Pro Banner has a matte finish on both sides and a smooth scrim and finish that is ideal for dual sided printing, even at high speeds. Ideal for short-term outdoor and indoor double sided banners, this low curl design makes this media popular for tradeshow graphics and banner stands.

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Double Sided Blockout Banner Standard:
Imagestar 13 oz Double Sided Blockout Standard Banner is the most popular double sided Blockout media. This matte finish material, with minor surface difference between front and back, is an affordable solution for short-term outdoor and indoor doublesided banners for POP, tradeshow graphics and scrolling banners.

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