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ImageStar ProTex Presswash

The ImageStar ProTex line of screen printing chemistry and emulsion is specifically designed for the challenges of today's garment printing. ImageStar ProTex Presswash was designed to remove plastisol and silicone inks from screens on press and works well to remove adhesives from platens.

•  Works on all plastisol and silicone textile inks (not for water based inks)
•  Low odor
•  Fast drying when ink wiped clean and buffed vigorously with 100% cotton, leaves no residue
•  Can be used for recirculation applications
•  Cleans adhesives off of platens

ImageStar ProTex is available exclusively from Nazdar SourceOne and sourced from leading manufacturers globally. ImageStar brand products are made to our specifications and maintain the perfect blend of performance, quality and price.

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