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35% Savings over OEM Ink - Nazdar 565 Solvent Series Ink
Get savings without sacrificing quality with Nazdar 565 OEM Alternative Solvent Ink Series for OKI Colorpainter M-64S & H3-104S Printers.

Nazdar 1.5-Liter 565 Solvent Series Inks are designed for use in Oki Colorpainter M-64S and H3-104S digital printers running Oki SX IP6 inks. When changing to Nazdar 565 Solvent Series inks, operators simply remove the empty OEM pouch, replace with the Nazdar pouch, and continue printing − either one color at a time or all colors together.

• Fully compatible with OEM inks
• Excellent outdoor durability
• Vibrant, high quality output
• Wide color gamut – colors equivalent to the original OEM ink set
• Low odor
• Strong adhesion
• Lower cost
• Available colors: CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Gray, New Light Gray
See the high quality results of the Nazdar 565 Solvent Series Ink. With the industry’s strongest third-party warranty, you’ll take comfort in knowing that Nazdar stands behind every drop of ink it supplies.
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