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State-of-the-Art Dye Sublimation Prints from the Roland RT-640

The innovative new Texart RT-640 wide-format printer is Roland’s integrated dye-sublimation solution. Designed and built with textile customers in mind, the RT-640 combines premium hardware and advanced software technologies to meet specific dye-sublimation requirements, which differ from eco-solvent needs. Target markets and applications for the RT-640 include sports apparel, soft signage and exhibits, interior décor, apparel, and customized promotional goods.

•  Integrated 1L Bulk System
•  Roland Ergosoft RIP Software
•  TU-3 Take-Up 110LB
•  New Texart Dye Sub Inks
•  Automatic Ink Switching (CMYK only)
•  2 Year Trouble Free Warranty