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We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) contact records. In an effort to minimize our impact on the environment, Nazdar prefers to distribute SDSs electronically. We want to make sure we have the most current information on file in order to send you the most up-to-date SDSs.

We would appreciate your assistance in completing or updating the information we have on file. Please use the form to the right to update your SDS delivery preference and the names of those who should receive these documents.

If at any time in the future you need to update your SDS contact information, please email [email protected], fax: 913-422-2294 or call 800-677-4657 ext 2305.

SDSs are also available on demand at our website.

If you are NOT an SDS contact for your organization, please forward the e-mail you received to your organization's SDS contact(s) instead, or share this link.


Contact Information:
Preferred Contact Method:



If your organization has more than
three SDS contacts, please send their
information to [email protected] .