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Nazdar SourceOne brings you print solutions from Epson, M&R and other top brands. Stop by our booth to see what we're printing and pick up your free print sample.

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Epson F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer
Designed exclusively for direct-to-garment printing, the SureColor F2100 offers an entirely purpose-built system for high-quality outputs at production speeds. Building on the market-leading SureColor F2000, the SC-F2100 delivers many new key benefits to your end-customers.

M&R Gauntlet® III Automatic Screen Printing Press
With its large set of standard features and timesaving, output-enhancing exclusives, efficient design, and high production speed, Gauntlet III will enhance any operation.

M&R Red Chili DX Flash Cure System
The freestanding Red Chili DX quartz flash cure system has numerous sophisticated features that can be operated directly from newer compatible M&R presses (Challenger III, Gauntlet III & Stryker). Red Chili DX uses medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps with adjustable intensity. Instant-on flash cure technology conserves energy by reverting to standby status when the screen printing press is idle.

M&R Sprint 3000 Gas Conveyor Dryer
Sprint 3000 is the most innovative and dependable gas dryer in the industry. Sprint 3000's large color touchscreen control center features icon-based labeling and can display information and commands in multiple languages.