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Product Code
Doc Type
Product Name
Ink Series
LWS1302MLENAGHSNAZDARLight Magenta1302 Series Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1302YEENAGHSNAZDARYellow1302 Series Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300CLENAGHSNAZDARLight Cyan1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300CYENAGHSNAZDARCyan1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300FFENAGHSNAZDARFlush1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS130CLENAGHSNAZDARLight Cyan130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130CYENAGHSNAZDARCyan130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130FFENAGHSNAZDARFlush Solution130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130KKENAGHSNAZDARBlack130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130KLENAGHSNAZDARLight Black130 Series Inkjet Ink05/10/2021
LWS130MAENAGHSNAZDARMagenta130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130MA2ENAGHSNAZDARMagenta V2130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130MLENAGHSNAZDARLight Magenta130 Series Inkjet Ink04/14/2021
LWS130ORENAGHSNAZDAROrange130 Series Inkjet Ink05/10/2021
LWS1300KKENAGHSNAZDARBlack1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300MAENAGHSNAZDARMagenta1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300MLENAGHSNAZDARLight Magenta1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1300YEENAGHSNAZDARYellow1300 Series Piezo Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1302CLENAGHSNAZDARLight Cyan1302 Series Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
LWS1302CYENAGHSNAZDARCyan1302 Series Inkjet Ink05/29/2019
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