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Laminate High Performance

Protect the color vibrancy and extend the outdoor life of your printed graphics with high performance laminate products for sale from Nazdar SourceOne.

Twelve mil thick Arlon Series 3590 overlaminate film provides supreme protection to decals and graphics while maintaining high clarity. Mactac RAYZor Cast Laminate is a highly conformable 1.5 mil film with permanent adhesive for shops cold roller lamination machines.

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3590 Series Heavy Duty Overlaminate Film

*** Closeout *** Arlon 3590 Series Overlaminate Film

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RAYZor 1.5mil Cast Laminate

MACtac RAYZor 1.5mil Cast Laminate

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PERMACOLOR IP6200 Polycarbonate Permanent 5mil Laminate

MACtac PERMACOLOR IP6200 Polycarbonate Permanent Satin 5mil Laminate

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PermaGard UltraWide 3.0mil Laminate

MACtac PermaGard UltraWide 3.0mil Laminate

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PERMACOLOR IP6100 Polycarbonate Permanent 10mil Laminate

MACtac PermaColor IP6100 Polycarbonate Permanent Satin 10mil Laminate

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