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Recent regulatory requirements have prompted the coatings industry to move its focus from conventional low-solid, solvent-based formulations to water-based formulas, high-solids coatings, energy-curable inks and other low-VOC or non-PVC technologies. Facing a growing demand for a wide range of specialty and high value-added coatings, manufacturers and print shops are taking a closer look at their processing methods, particularly the mixing and milling steps to better meet these needs. Shops can mix their own color formulas, blend, and disperse pigment to ensure true color and consistency from print-to-print.

Various dispersion tools are employed in the production of paints, inks and coatings. Mixers are are highly efficient, cost-effective and well suited for many ink formulations regardless of viscosity. Ink mixers can accommodate a wide range of container sizes to fit any project.

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