GRACoL 250 Prem Proof








GRACol 250 Satin Premium Proofing Media is a competitively priced, 250 gsm premium satin proofing media for use with both pigmented and dye-based ink sets. This media features a white point and gamut capacity specifically engineered to meet the requirements of high-end commercial proofing as defined by GRACoL 7. GRACol 250 Satin offers an excellent black point, low optical brightener content and a unique smooth surface sure to please your most discerning clients.


  • White Point: 95.0 -0.50 -2.75
  • CIE L*a*b* D50/2°
  • Shade Guarantee: +/- 1.0 b* variation batch to batch
  • Basis Weight: 250 grams/m 2
  • Typical Gamut Volume: 1,336,693 measured by Monaco Gamut Viewer
  • Typical Minimum L*: 4.12 L*
  • Optical Brighteners: 1.2 b *non-UV to UV filtered measurement

Product Disclaimer

Important: Before using our print media, please verify that it is suitable for use with your printer. We shall not assume liability for non-performance of the print media resulting from changes beyond our control in printing inks or printers. Specifications are subject to change without notice. This product data sheet is intended to be used as a guideline only. Storing conditions: Please keep product in the supplied boxes for best possible protection. Product must be stored in a cool and dry environment; exposure to sun light is to be avoided.
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