Sefar Screen Printing Mesh: PET 1500


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SEFAR(R) PET 1500 is the popular all around screen mesh for virtually all screen printing applications, large and small-format graphics, CDs, decorative tile designs, printed glass, sporting goods, textile printing, and other industrial tasks. This high-modulus mesh, woven from monofilament polyester, features outstanding mechanical robustness and chemical resistance.

Excellent tear resistance permits high fabric tensions to be achieved with virtually any commercially available stretching system. The stretching behavior is exceptionally well balanced in both directions, while very good dimensional stability guarantees highly reproducible tension.

End-to-end process and quality control under closely defined technical conditions and tolerances make SEFAR PET 1500 an utterly reliable screen mesh material and that is the best possible guarantee for smooth production.

See Technical Data Sheet for detailed information and use instructions.

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PEW110LE43, PEW110LE53, PEW110LE62, PEW110LE81, PEW137LE43, PEW137LE53, PEW156LE43, PEW156LE53, PEW156LE62, PEW156LE81, PEW175LE43, PEW195LE43, PEW195LE53, PEW195LE62, PEW195LE81, PEW230LE43, PEW230LE53, PEW230LE62, PEW230LE81, PEW255LE43, PEW255LE62, PEW25LE62, PEW305LE43, PEW305LE81, PEW380LE62, PEW380LE81, PEW40LLE43, PEW40LLE53, PEW40LLE62, PEW60HLE43, PEW60HLE53, PEW60HLE62, PEW60LE53, PEW60LE62, PEW76LE53, PEW83LE53, PEW83SLE62, PEW92LE62, PEY110LE43, PEY110LE53, PEY110LE62, PEY110LE81, PEY123LE53, PEY123LE62, PEY137LE43, PEY137LE62, PEY137LE81, PEY156LE43, PEY156LE53, PEY156LE62, PEY156LE81, PEY175LE43, PEY175LE53, PEY175LE62, PEY175LE81, PEY195LE43, PEY195LE53, PEY195LE62, PEY195LE81, PEY195LLE43, PEY230LE43, PEY230LE53, PEY230LE62, PEY230LE81, PEY230LE92, PEY230LLE43, PEY230LLE53, PEY230LLE81, PEY255LE43, PEY255LE53, PEY255LE62, PEY255LE81, PEY255LE92, PEY280HLE62, PEY280HLE81, PEY280LE43, PEY280LE53, PEY280LE62, PEY280LE81, PEY305HLE43, PEY305HLE62, PEY305HLE81, PEY305HLE92, PEY305LE102, PEY305LE43, PEY305LE53, PEY305LE62, PEY305LE81, PEY305LE92, PEY305LLE53, PEY330LE43, PEY330LE53, PEY330LE62, PEY330LE81, PEY355LE102, PEY355LE43, PEY355LE53, PEY355LE62, PEY355LE81, PEY355LE92, PEY355LLE53, PEY355LLE62, PEY380LE102, PEY380LE43, PEY380LE53, PEY380LE62, PEY380LE81, PEY380LE92, PEY380LLE43, PEY380LLE53, PEY380LLE62, PEY380LLE81, PEY380LLE92, PEY420LLE43, PEY420LLE53, PEY420LLE62, PEY420LLE81, PEY420SLE43, PEY420SLE53, PEY420SLE62, PEY460SLE43, PEY460SLE62, PEY83LE43, PEY83LE62, PEY92LE53

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