Nazdar 1900 POWERPRINT Banner UV Screen Ink - Halftone MTR




SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

PowerPrint Banner 1900 UV Screen Ink has been formulated to excel in performance for indoor and outdoor Point of Purchase display and banner printing.

Medium Tack Rheology (MTR) Halftones can achieve processing speeds for flatbed, clam shell and most in-line presses while maintaining dot quality.


  • Vinyl Banner
  • Treated Polyethylene Banner
  • Static Cling
  • Pressure Sensitive Vinyl
  • Styrene

The surface tension for polyethylene SUBSTRATES should be at or above 44 dynes/cm

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Product Disclaimer

Ink swatch colors are designed to help ordering and are an approximation only and should not be used for color matching.

Adhesion should always be tested as adhesion depends upon curing conditions, age and manufacturer of the substrate. Adhesion may be improved when the substrate is cleaned with a suitable solvent such as isopropanol.

Item numbers available:

1914004, 1914104, 1914204, 1914304, 1914404, 1915604

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