Sefar LFM - Large Format Monofilament Polyester Screen Mesh


Thread Count per inch:




This mesh has been specially developed for large format screen printing. It meets the toughest demands for printing onto wide surfaces like posters, glass, and in textile transfer printing. Even difficult colors and designs reproduce with top printing quality.

Sefar Large Format Mesh (LFM) has finer threads and larger, precise mesh openings. Mesh for large format printing has traditionally been woven from threads with a diameter of 34 microns.

With its reduced thread diameter - just 32 microns - Sefar LFM has remarkably larger mesh openings and hence an increased open surface area. But not only are the mesh openings larger, a modified weaving process makes them more precise as well.

The formation of lines and stripes by printing with translucent and other sensitive inks will be avoided. The result: more uniform ink deposit, finer color value gradation, and sharper-edged fine lines and screen dots.

Optimal range of meshes for printing with UV inks

Special Sefar surface treatment streamlines stencil production, improves adhesion of the stencil material, and results in a uniform ink deposit along with extremely high printing quality

SEFAR LFM increases process reliability and stencil life, while reducing costs

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Item numbers available:

PEW380LFM92, PEY355LFM102, PEY355LFM62, PEY355LFM81, PEY355LFM92, PEY380LFM102, PEY380LFM62, PEY380LFM81, PEY380LFM92

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