PMI 2" and 3" Blockout Tape








PMI's white vinyl blockout tape can be used to block out areas of the screen not covered by emulsion and can be used on inside and the outside of the screen without damaging the emulsion.

PMI Blockout Tape greatly reduces the time it takes to reclaim your screen frames, therefore you're able to process more orders in a day. Instead of having employees spend their valuable time with the frustrating task of peeling tape, they can effortlessly remove the PMI Tape and get the frame ready for the next job.


  • 2" x 110 yards
  • 3" x 110 yards
  • Used for blocking out areas on the screen
  • Can be used on both the inside and back side of the screen
  • Tape will remove cleanly without breaking or leaving adhesive residue
  • Tape will not damage emulsion
  • Stands up to standard inks and solvents

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PMI3212X110, PMI3213X110

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