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EFI Wide Format Wednesdays - Webinar Series

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You live in a world of shorter-runs, quick turns and versioning – all challenges that require your business to run lean and mean. But unless you’re using a highly versatile printer, you can face thin margins, weak profitability and unhealthy growth.

Learn how to grow a stronger business with the EFI VUTEk XT super high-speed printer. It's a whole new printing platform designed to drive a significant reduction in your total cost of ownership with superior super high-speed throughput, advanced print capabilities, breakthrough innovations in ink delivery, and the power of Fiery® color management and workflow solutions.

Join the EFI Wide Format Wednesday webinar to learn more about:
• Get a brief overview of the new VUTEk XT platform
• See a live, in-depth demo of the new platform – from automation to media hold down and transport to printing sheets at super high speeds
• Hear from early adopter Adam Ingram, President, Ingram Express Services, on why they’ve chosen the VUTEk XT to help accelerate their business growth

Don’t wait! Register now and get moving with the EFI VUTEk XT printer. It’s anything but routine.