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Epson F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer!

Epson F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printer
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High-performance, reliable direct-to-garment printing from the Epson SureColor F2100. Amp things up by adding the Epson F2100 DTG printer to your lineup.

Designed exclusively for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, the SureColor F2100 offers an entirely purpose-built system for high-quality prints at production speeds. Developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, the SureColor F2100 achieves up to twice the speeds of Epson’s previous generation of DTG printers and boasts myriad improvements that challenge the competition in the industry.

Highlights & Features:
  • Reduced maintenance time and operational cost
  • Up-to twice as fast with newly developed print modes
  • Improved image quality
  • Intuitive workflow compatible with MacOS and Windows platforms

Epson F2100 - Two ways to add it to your lineup
* Sample quantity is limited to available stock and will be fulfilled on first-come, first-served basis. Only one print sample per company. Please allow at least 7-10 business days for shipping.
Lease subject to qualification through Nazdar SourceOne's preferred 3rd party vendor. Advertising lease and special pricing of $10,995 valid on orders placed through 10/31/2023. These offers and discounts are subject to change without notice. Other terms and conditions may apply.