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M&R Maverick DTG Printer

M&R Maverick DTG Printer, See the future of DTG printing
M&R Maverick - In-line Infrared Heaters & Steam Fogging
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M&R really thought of everything when designing the nearly magical Maverick Industrial DTG Printing System.

The M&R Maverick includes features like in-line infrared heaters, to flash dry between the white base layer and hexachrome colors, and a steam fogging system, which helps prevent ink on the printhead from drying. These brilliant features allow the Maverick to offer industrial speed output, up to 90 full-size dark shirt prints per hour, and high quality garment decoration.

Features of M&R Maverick
  • Dual shuttling independent pallets for maximum productivity
  • 6-color plus white ink set designed for expanded color gamut
  • Production-level printing from 12 industrial-grade printheads
  • Innovative RIP gives image costing and advanced controls
  • Recirculating ink system for optimized ink yield
  • Dual-printhead IR heaters speed up the printing/curing process
  • Environment upgrades with AC unite and fogger system to optimize temperature and humidity levels

Watch the M&R Maverick In Action