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Long Beach, California
January 19-21, 2024
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
Visit Nazdar SourceOne at Booth #1819
Nazdar SourceOne brings you print solutions from M&R, Avient Specialty Inks, MagnaColours, Epson, and other top brands. Stop by our booth to see what we're printing and check out the industry-leading equipment.

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M&R Quatro Direct-to-Film Transfer System
The QUATRO Direct-to-Film (DTF) Transfer Printing System is M&R’s newest printing solution, giving you high-quality prints with high-quality value. Unlike traditional methods like screen printing, DTF printing allows for unlimited color possibilities.

M&R COBRA E Automatic Screen Printing Press
M&R’s COBRA E automatic screen printing presses set the standard in combining quality components, durable craftsmanship and high speed production all in one machine.

M&R Global Copperhead Charge Electric Conveyor Dryer
The Copperhead Charge has combined the best curing technology with new innovation to create the ideal startup to medium size shop dryer that can handle all your curing needs.

M&R Red Chili DX Flash Cure System
The freestanding Red Chili DX™ quartz flash cure system has numerous sophisticated features that can be operated directly from newer compatible M&R presses. Those features include flash duration, power level, temperature sensor, and programmed individual multi-function settings (recipes).

Stahls' Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press
With a patented magnetic auto open feature, over-application and ruined garments are things of the past. An over-the-center pressure adjustment allows for even, edge-to-edge heat and pressure, a digital display takes the guesswork out of pressure settings, and the Twin Timer™ is great for pre-heating or two-step applications.
also featuring direct-to-garment & textile screen print solutions from