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Plastisol Additives

Plastisol ink additives like Foil Resist can protect areas from accepting foil adhesion or create a puffy effect with one of our Puff Additives.

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Plastisol Additives - 3804 Low Cure Additive

International Coatings 3804 Low-Cure Additive

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EPIC Non-Phthalate Plastisol - Soft Hand Clear Additive

Wilflex EPIC 10140 Soft Hand Clear

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All-Pro 900 Direct Print Nylon Plastisol Inks - Catalyst

International Coatings All-Pro 900 Nylon Plastisol Catalyst

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Plastisol Additives - Soft Hand Clear Base

International Coatings - 720 Soft Hand Clear Base

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Plastisol Additives - Stretch Ink Additive

International Coatings 1199 Stretch Ink Additive

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Plastisol Additives - Viscosity Modifier

International Coatings LBX Viscosity Modifier

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Optilux Coupler - 100

International Coatings Optilux Coupler - 100

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Plastisol Curable Reducer

International Coatings 1110 Curable Reducer

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Revive Mixing Base

Avient Wilflex Revive Mixing Base

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