Printer's Resource FAQ

What's Job Recallâ„¢ on my M&R press?

Job Recallâ„¢ is M&R's system for storing and recalling numerous standard and optional functions and settings under operator-chosen alphanumeric names. On presses, these can include dwell time; index speed; off contact; peel ratio; print stroke and flood stroke length & speed; squeegee pressure (electronically adjusted air pressure); and wattage settings on UV cure units.

Available on many M&R graphic presses, Job Recall speeds job setup and changeover. Once an operator has fine tuned settings for a particular job, he/she can assign a name to those settings and then store them in the memory of the press. The next time a similar job is run on the press, the operator can simply call up that job name to have the appropriate settings automatically applied to the press. If a new job is similar to a stored job, but different in one or more aspects, the operator can modify some settings and store the new job settings under another name.

Job Recall dramatically speeds job setup and print consistency.