Printer's Resource FAQ

Why should I consider an automatic press for my T-shirt shop?

Improvements in automatic presses have made them amazingly easy to set up and run. Automatic presses typically run up to 10 times faster than manual presses allowing a single operator, working alone, to produce 3-5 times the volume of an operator on a manual press.

Automatics take less physical effort for operators to run reducing fatigue that often leads to production decline over the course of a day. Since labor is usually the largest expense in any screen shop, making labor more productive has a tangible effect of defraying the cost of an automatic.

Increases in productivity translate to more efficient use of space. Automatics that will fit into a given space will produce more than the manual press that will fits into the same space. This means automating can defray the need for expanding the business by delaying the time the business will needs a larger facility.

Lastly, automatic presses provides proportionately greater benefits to shops with large press runs. Since setup time on automatic and manual presses is similar the time it takes to set up and print a single shirt on a manual press is the same as one shirt on an automatic. However, the more shirts there are in the print run, the greater the advantage of an automatic in the workflow.