Printer's Resource FAQ

What is a Tri-Loc? And how can it save me time?

The Tri-Loc is a Pre-registration system is designed to speed screen setup and registration on M&R presses. Used correctly, it can reduce setup times by as much as 90%.

Traditionally, screen registration has been done on the press, one print and one color at a time. Depending on the number of colors to print this process can take up to 2 hours. The Tri-Loc system improves the registration process by  moving that task away from the press to a pre-press area reducing the effect on production. Tri-Loc lets users register films and screens in the pre-press area, and then take those “pre-registered” screens and with the Tri-Loc pallet  quickly re-register them on the press.

Tri-Loc becomes part of a complete proofing system when combined with M&R's Chameleon, Sidewinder, or Pre-Runner press. Quick setups allow for pre-press color checks and final design proofing before going into production. And since the operator no longer needs to look through the screen for registering, the screens that were used to sample don’t need to be cleaned, saving time and supplies.