Printer's Resource FAQ

What is the "Revolver" Print Program?

M&R's patented Revolver Print Program enables M&R press owners to get the most out of their presses by allowing the press to make multiple revolutions on a design that may require more print and flash stations than are available on the press.
Revolver is especially helpful on 6 and 8-color presses. Revolver allows printing in every head while flash curing at the unload station. Even larger presses benefit from the Revolver program.

For example, on a 12-color press running a 10-color job with two flash cures to handle specialty inks that must be flashed three times, the revolver can print 3 colors; flash; then print 4 colors and flash on the first revolution. On the second revolution, the press can print 2 more colors and flash before printing the final color.

Countless other scenarios are well within Revolver's reach.