Printer's Resource FAQ

What costs are involved in setting up and running a finishing operation?

The overall costs involved in setting up and running a finishing operation fall into three categories:

  • Equipment
  • Labor
  • Consumables
Equipment costs will vary by the type of finishing equipment required and the amount of automation provided by that piece of equipment.

Labor costs are generally reduced but are initially offset by the cost of the equipment.
Consumable costs will vary by the type of equipment and the finishing supplies required. Typical consumable items are bags, tags, and boxes.

The key components are equipment and labor. To automate or not to automate basically comes down to the question of whether or not the equipment investment and the advantages of improved efficiency and product presentation yield a higher return than the labor cost and reduced efficiency found in the manual finishing process.

Finishing operations can be fully or partially automated. Amscomatic has equipment for virtually every finishing application. Whether you're looking for a single semi-automatic tagger or a complete folding / tagging /bagging / sealing / labeling / stacking / boxing solution; Amscomatic is the place to turn.