Printer's Resource FAQ

What is the difference between a Point Light Source and a Multiple Light Source?

The Point Light Source has always been the best source of light for exposing litho plates, proofing materials, film, and screen printing frames.

A Multiple Light Source uses either a bank of UV fluorescent lamps or a bank of UV fluorescent lamps in combination with a quartz halogen lamp. Multiple light source units became popular primarily because of their low cost. For this reason, they’re the choice of many of those just starting out in screen printing.

However, if price is the advantage of multiple light source units, high-quality detail is the advantage of point light source units. Larger shops intent on doing higher quality work will definitely want the far superior point light source.

Even smaller startup shops should seriously consider starting out with a point light source. If that’s not possible when starting out, the small shop owner should make plans to upgrade as soon as possible. The benefits, which include fewer re-burns and happier customers, are well worth the added cost.