Printer's Resource FAQ

Is there a certain temperature range that I can apply my material in? When is hot to hot and when is cold too cold?

Most adhesives have an application range capability that falls somewhere between 40 degrees Fahrenheit minimum and 90 degrees Fahrenheit maximum.  If the temperature is too cold, then the adhesive will not stick. By contrast, if it is too hot, then the adhesive becomes overly aggressive. The same holds true for the vinyl itself. If it is too cold, then the vinyl becomes stiff and less flexible. If it is too hot, then the vinyl softens up and becomes difficult to handle. Finally, the temperature of the substrate is a factor. If the surface is hot to the touch, then it is probably over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Putting vinyl on substrates that are too hot or too cold will result in the adhesive getting either gummy or brittle. Most manufacturers provide technical documents for the specific products that outline optimal storage and application temperature ranges.