Printer's Resource FAQ

How long can I expect my colors to last outdoors before fading occurs?

The outdoor durability will depend on many factors:

  • Ink film thickness and degree of curing
  • Color formulation of the ink, such as adding large amount of mixing clear or white to the ink or mixing colors together
  • Substrate type and age
  • Mounting angle or directional orientation
  • Geographic location
  • Air Pollution
  • Exposure to excessive abrasion (for example, brush car washes)
  • Clear coating

In comparing the durability of inks, factors are the pigment used in each color (fade resistance to sunlight), as well as the resins utilized in each ink series (overall durability against sun, rain, wind, etc). Many Nazdar inks are recommended for various levels of exterior exposure while other series are for indoor use only. Ink series that have pigments selected for outdoor durability, such as 1600, 1800, and 1900 Powerprint Series, can typically last 1 to 2 years with an overprint clear. Inks for 5 year durability, such as 3500 Series, can be found on fleet marking decals and have been associated with Avery Warranty applications, which guarantees durability when a specific ink, substrate and printing procedure are used.

Please consult the Technical Data Sheet on our web site for the ink series of interest or contact a technical service representative at 1-866-340-3579 for assistance on weathering information.