Printer's Resource FAQ

How long will my ink last on the shelf and, how can I tell how old my ink is?

All of our screen solvent based inks are useable for 48 months from the date of manufacture and all UV screen curable inks are useable for 24 months, as long as the inks have been stored at room temperature with the lids firmly in place. Generally speaking, as long as the inks are still in a fluid condition they should be usable even longer, but we would recommend doing a test print.

The date of manufacture can be found in the 8 digit lot number. The first digit identifies the manufacturing location, the second digit identifies the year and the third and fourth digits identify the month. For example, a lot number that reads 68095555 tells us that it was manufactured in September of 2008. A shelf life letter is available at Or go to and click on “Tech Support”, and then on “Shelf Stability Letter”.