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Dave Dennings, Product Manager - Screen Making Products from KIWO Inc. offers insight into the complex definition of “eco-friendly chemistry” and what you need to know as a consumer of screen cleaning chemicals.

Kiwo Duel Strip and KiwoClean

Learn More About KIWO’s 2-Step Water Reducible Reclamation (WRR) System

KIWO’s 2-part Water Reducible Reclamation System is a safer and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional reclaiming practices that uses Dual Strip & KiwoClean Concentrated Ink Wash to reclaim printing screens instead of the traditional method of using four products.

Dual Strip is a concentrated liquid used to simultaneously remove Plastisol and Water-based textile inks, some UV inks, and direct emulsion and/or capillary films.

KiwoClean Concentrated Ink Wash is a concentrated liquid stain remover & degreaser used as a caustic-free alternative to harsh haze removers traditionally used for removing ghost haze left in the screen after reclaiming.