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Let the trained textile ink specialists do the ink mixing for you! Whether your order is large or small, Nazdar SourceOne brings consistency in Pantone color mixing with state-of-the art mixing equipment. Mixing is available with Wilflex Epic Amazing Base and Top Score Base inks.
MIX WITH: Wilflex Epic Amazing Base

Wilflex Epic Amazing Base is a non-phthalate mixing base for manual and automatic screen printing on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blend substrates.
  • Engineered to produce optimal color vibrancy and printability
  • Build-up resistant for high productivity printing. Production minded shops will benefit from time saved by not stopping production to wipe screens
  • Prints easily through 86-305 mesh screens
  • Satin finish
  • 300 F cure
Learn more about Wilflex Epic Amazing Base by downloading the Technical Data Sheet.
WX03 Quart $41.00  
WX04 Gallon $86.00  
WX05 5 Gallon $384.00  

MIX WITH: Wilflex Epic Top Score Base

Wilflex Epic Top Score Base is a non-phthalate, bleed resistant plastisol ink designed to meet the needs of the athletic polyester printing market. Top Score is a great solution for polyester athletic uniforms and performance wear fabrics.
  • High stretch and bleed resistance in one package
  • Excellent printability
  • Low tack surface
  • Matte finish
  • Low 290 F cure
Learn more about Wilflex Epic Top Score Base by downloading the Technical Data Sheet.
WY03 Quart $46.00  
WY04 Gallon $108.00  
WY05 5 Gallon $480.00  

  • Nazdar SourceOne’s PMS plastisol ink colors are mixed according to the Wilflex Epic PC system formulas utilizing the Wilflex Epic Top Score Base.
  • The Wilflex PC system is Pantone licensed and approved.
  • Colors approved on White 100% cotton garments printed through 156 mesh.
  • The colors are very close simulations, but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.
  • There is no warranty of color with these formulas. If you require exact color matching, please contact a Customer Service Representative for further details.
  • Most orders shipped within 48 hours.